Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Who's To Blame?

It amazes me (but does not surprise me) the way the Tea Party is portrayed as the obstructionists in any debt "negotiation" or other "negotiation" or "compromise".
President Obama yesterday stated that there is faction in Congress (tea partiers) who refuses "to put country ahead of party." What a load of crap! The irony here is that the Tea Partiers are the only faction in Congress who are putting the needs of their country ahead of the needs or desires of their party. The proof is in the pudding: just look at the way establishment Republicans scramble to distance themselves from these people. Look at the headaches these folks gave Boehner and other party leaders.
The Tea Partiers stand on principles, and those principles do not include running this nation into the ground with irresponsible spending and the continual whittling away of liberty. They are a faction of the Republican party only because the Republicans are the closest to this way of thinking. But they do not support Republican candidates or ideas simply because they are Republicans. On the contrary, more Republicans support Tea Party ideas because those ideas are grounded in truth, morality, and fact.
You may disagree with the notion that liberty requires responsible spending, and fewer government restrictions (although you would be a moron... but we'll save that for another day); but to blame the Tea Party for the breakdown in "negotiations" is simply disingenuous.
It is interesting that Tea Partiers were the only faction that passed any legislation that could have prevented the downgrade before Congress' last second scramble to save their jobs. And it is interesting how quickly those ideas were dismissed, without so much as a discussion in the Senate. Hmmm... was the discussion on the House bill muffled because Democrats were looking to compromise? That notion is an oxymoron. Senate debate on the bill never happened because Democrats were not willing to consider any idea that did not agree with their liberal principles. So who really obstructed the debt "negotiations"?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Beware the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Republicans beware! Beware the Democrat and media attempts to decide the Republican presidential candidate! Do not be fooled. Right now, Donald Trump is being touted as the guy Obama does not want to go up against. Really?! Remember McCain? Y'know, the guy Obama did not want to go up against? Remember how Democrats would roll up into the fetal position and tremble with fear at the thought of McCain heading up the Republican ticket? They could take on anyone Republicans put up... except McCain. And for some unexplained reason, Republicans drank the Kool-Aid. As soon as it was official, they all jumped up and laughed at us. "Gotcha!" Remember that? Obama (said with incredulity) slid almost effortlessly into the office of the most powerful man in the world. But here we are again... Trump is being touted (and touting himself) as the great threat to Obama's job. So what happens? Republicans say, "Oh my! This is the man the Democrats are saying they don't want to run against? He must be the most qualified and winnable candidate." And, voila, he shows up as the early front runner. Let's just slow down and evaluate the field. There are people considering a run at the White House who have demonstrated abilities to lead and be followed, who have experience turning around actual deficits, and who seem to understand and appreciate the Constitution and its role in our government. Republicans need to learn that the media is not in the business of presenting "just the facts." The media is in the business of building a socialist society, and they will do whatever it takes to get there. The media knows the power it has to set the debate, to tell us what the issues are, and to decide who gets the nod. The Tea Party has taught us that we can buck the system and set our own agenda. We can determine our own issues and put them on the table for serious consideration. Keep in mind, Trump is friends with Whoopi Goldberg. Need I say more?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Beggin' yer Pardon, Matey...

Somali pirates ha' nabbed ano'er American yacht. Y'don' say? Th' pair o' lovebirds scouring ye world was snatched near yon coast o' Somalia. Th'bootleggin' commenced na'er te th' conviction of ano'er buccaneer what done jacked th' Quest only ta git his mates shot in th' rescue. Th' varmints swared an oath ta ratchet up th' ante on th' prey o' their next bounty.


Thus beggin' yer pardon, mates, but... Why are ye sailin' on th' cusps o'Somalia, ye barnacle bottomed, sea swiggin' country parsons? Ain't ye been privy ta no news o'er the five years hence?

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