Sunday, January 14, 2007


I did it! MmmmMmmmMmm. My first smoke was a bit of a disappointment. I coughed and sputtered from the beginning. It was hard to get the temp up in the cooking chamber. My built-in factory supplied thermomememeter never got over 100 degrees. I kept making adjustments and burning more coal, and still nothing. I solicited help from the guys at smoking meats website (see my favorite links), made some modifications, then found a meat thermomememeter which I laid on the grill and discovered that I had the proper heat all along. So I smoked a fatty and ribs. The fatty was awesome, and the ribs were the best I've made so far (but still not great).

I then made several significant modifications to my smoker, and tried again a few days later. This time, I was able to keep more heat in the cooking chamber, direct it toward the center, and smoked a very, very, very delicious pork tenderloin. The wife and kids loved it. And now I'm hooked.

We are supposed to have some ice coming thru here this weekend, but all we got was some cold rain. This would have been a great weekend for smoking, but no, alas, and dang the weather. All I get to do now is sit here and dream about it.


PJ said...

You really know how to smoke 'em babe! Very, very good.


wandrsmith said...

Just thought I would let you know I stopped by for a visit but you haven't posted in a while what's with that? If you want more Visitors than Dra you better get posting


mjeastman said...

I love to smoke to. You can find me outside in the snow smoking up some juicy chickens. I'm like the mail man, wind, snow, rain, or shine you'll find me beside my smoker any time. If by chance it's too darn cold then i'll just fire up the good ole grill and grill up some juicy chickens open flame for heat. I don't usually get much rain. But I sure does get some snow.
Big Grillin' Daddy Mike

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